Free Midori/Traveler’s Notebook 2017 Planner Refill (Digital Download)

Our renewed endeavor for the upcoming year begins with the release of the Vertical Trimestral in an unprecedented one shot… yup, you read it right, instead of releasing it whenever the current trimester is to end, this is a batch release that can be output at once covering all the days of 2017.

With 2016 all but diminished, some might still be looking for that style of journaling that will be best fit for them and we’re hoping to be a fantastic option for that.

  • Each trimestral set has a week of overlap with the next one (two weeks as there’s one in the beginning and another at the end) to better reconcile the dates and layout.
  • All the sets now maintain a uniform 11 sheet count unlike the 2016 release which had varied.
  • It is highly recommended to trim the sides with a rotary cutter while it is still unfolded for best results.
  • A cover can be placed outside of each set elevating the total count to 12 sheets per, still a very manageable carry for your Traveler’s Notebook (TN)
  • There’s plenty of great “weekly” designs floating about in the web and we hope, with your support, that this be included as one of them, the aim of the Vertical Trimestral is to have the most space available to utilize for each day doing away with most solid elements and as much labels as can be done away with all while being a light carry and addition to your Traveler’s Notebook.

    We’ve conceptualized a number of inserts that we’d like to put out in the future as well time permitting, some quite specific while others a derivative of journaling and Midori/TN classics. Do follow us for more free digital downloads for the Traveler’s Notebook series.

    Get the Vertical Trimestral – 2017 Planner Refills here:

    Part 1/3 January – April
    Part 2/3 May – August
    Part 3/3 September – December

    We also share an alternative planner style in the form of the Chevron Calendar here.

    With this we wish everyone a Happy New Year and a Prosperous 2017 – Mark and Katsy ^^

    P.S. If you like our work, find it useful, and would like to pitch in to advance our Traveler’s Notebook endeavor, do consider sharing a cup with us. We’ll make sure it goes a long way into days and nights of journaling R&D

    Free Midori/Traveler’s Notebook 2017 Planner Refill (Digital Download)
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